Please send a DVD of your film or copy of your SCREENPLAY to:

Graphation LLC
7510 Sunset Blvd. #1435
Hollywood, CA 90046-3408

To submit through our IMDB partner website Withoutabox at special discounted rates please click here!

Please include a cast and crew list and a synopsis or thoughts on why it should become a comic book (the same goes for screenplays, minus the cast and crew list of course). Include anything you feel will help us understand the broader world you imagine your film becoming.

Films can be any length, but films under 30 minutes are ideal. Scripts can be any length, but should not exceed 150 pages. We do have to watch and read a lot of films and scripts after all! Student Submissions Must Include A Copy Of A Valid Student ID.

Graphation is constantly screening films and holding small and large events so there are no hard deadlines and we will consider films at any time. Send cash, check or money order made out to Graphation.

Earlybird Deadline - May 15 - $37 Regular / $27 Students / $47 Screenplays

Regular Deadline - November 15 - $43 Regular / $33 Students / $57 Screenplays

Late Deadline - December 5 - $47 Regular / $37 Students / $67 Screenplays

WAB Extended Deadline - December 25 - $67 / $57 Students / $77 Screenplays

The person submitting must have secured rights to exhibit the film. Rights and / or permission to use all content (music, images, and other such content) in the film must be held by the submitting filmmaker, in the event that the filmmaker does not hold the copyright written permission from the copyright holder must be provided). Submissions must be accompanied by a the proper entry fee.